Immersive Dining With Gingerline

Eating round a table being served by a waiter is so last century.

We Want Something Unique Dammit!

What can we mix in with a fine dining experience to zest things up? How about a time traveling extravaganza filled with gin and drama? Certainly works for us!

Now we are no strangers to the world of immersive theatre. Alice’s Adventures Underground, Faulty Towers Dining Experience and many, many secret cinema ventures. So whenever anything of this ilk falls our way we light up like fireflies in the mating season.

Which is exactly what happened when we found the Gingerline Dining Experience.

The Manor House

We knew very little of what experience lay in front of us when we purchased our tickets for Gingerline. One thing we did know was we were set to head to Juniper Manor for a dining experience like no other.

Within the email confirmation it became clear we were not entering this manor as unwelcome citizens but honoured guests! Part of the aristocracy ready to mingle with the upper class of glorious Great Britain!

But don’t let this put you off! It is all a facade. The people of this house are welcoming to all – even if you’re a cockney lad or lass from Old London Town!

Until the afternoon on the day itself we were kept in the dark about what to expect or even where to go. And then the silence broke… We opened the email like it was a letter inviting us to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Our destination was set.

Hidden away under the railway arches of… Well, I cant tell you that. Only honoured guests may find out where the aristocracy meet! We can’t have anyone just turning up on the doorstep. There won’t be room for you all!

One thing we did discover before heading in was gin would feature. Yes – the theme was gin and gin there was.

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again!

It felt somewhat bizarre moving from a grim drizzly back street of London into the world of this manor. Like being transported through a magic door to a completely different location.

Inside we were treated to the finest of cocktails – all gin based of course – and all giving hearty amounts of alcohol servings. Were we slightly wobbly by the time of dinner? Well, yes. Yes we were. And all the better for it! As this meant we had the Dutch courage to get involved!

The “waiting area” before the dining experience began launched us into the world. The man of the manor welcoming us into his home with the promise of adventure. For little did us guests know that this house has quite an anomaly within its rooms. A scientific phenomenon kept secret by its owners.

For under this roof lays a warp hole taking us from present day into history. Key moments in time where we can grab delicacies of the eras.

Thankfully we could store our gin for the journey. Because if there is ever a must thing to pack for a journey into history – that thing is gin!

The Chamber of Flavour

Thankfully our host had prepared those within the other centuries of our arrival. They made us feel most welcome. Ready with delicious food and even more gin!

With many immersive theatre it is based fully around the acting and atmosphere. However, Gingerline holds another challenge. Providing tasty cuisine for all those time hopping along.

The food in each year was always accommodating. Prepared dishes for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free peeps and for those who dislike fish.

And most importantly it was damn tasty! Giving a variety of foods including crumbling pastries, delicious fish, complementing spices, tender meats and a range for the sweet tooth.

Even if this won’t go down as the best meal you have ever eaten, it is fantastic for being part of an immersive theatre group.

The Dramatic Lives of the Past

Those who provided our food instantly got us involved in their latest drama. Drawing on all us guests to help solve the issues being faced by the people in each time period.

Following the gin everyone was more than happy to get involved in whatever way was necessary. Whether it meant helping out in a bar to becoming a mystical animal.

Never had I known that being transported into a mystical animal could become so competitive!

It was crazy and very enjoyable to see all us grown adults transforming back into children more and more as the evening progressed.

After each course we were transported in time through further wormholes to see more stories unfolding.

In Conclusion

To say much more would give too much away.

All I can say is – immerse yourself as much as possible and you will get the best out of this evening. The actors are fantastic. They will happily and naturally bounce off any comments thrown their way very entertainingly.

To take the challenge of serving up a variety of cocktails, an accommodating tasting menu, fantastic set design, witty actors and involve guests throughout the whole journey is a big challenge. And one that Gingerline pulls off amazingly well.

The group are frequently reinventing themselves in new areas, with new food and new themes every few months.

What excites us most is we don’t have to wait too long until the next adventure is announced and can get ourselves into another dining roller coaster.

If immersive theatre is something you love this is an absolute must. If immersive theatre is something you have never tried take this opportunity to do so. It is a brilliant way to start.

How many times have you gone and eaten at the same restaurant? Played it safe because you know it is something you like. Don’t worry, we are on most days just as guilty.

But, every now and then something more exciting needs to be experienced. An event which will give you a story to tell and something you will always look back on. Put your regular restaurant on hold next time you eat out and immerse yourself into something much more adventurous.

Juniper Manor has now finished but tickets to Gingerline’s next event can be found at These sell out crazy fast so make sure to sign up to their newsletter to find out when new dates are released. 


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  1. Janice Gray November 17, 2017 at 12:28 pm

    Fabulous you two definately fnd the most interesting different venues in London. This one looks like a definite on the next visit to London list thanks for the recommendation

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